Edamame (Steamed green soy bean) $6.50

Gyoza (Steamed or deep fried pork dumpling ) $6.50

Shumai (Steamed or deep fried shrimp dumpling) $6.50

Calamari Tempura (Crispy calamari with creamy seafood sauce) $8.50

 Spicy Korean Chicken Bites spicy, tangy, sweet $ 8.50

Soft shell Crab (Deep fried soft shell crab served with tempura sauce) $8.50

Spring Rolls (Deep fried Japanese vegetable spring roll) $6.50

Age Tofu (Crispy tofu with tempura sauce and scallions) $7.50


Sashimi Sampler (8 pieces of chef choice) $15.5

Spicy Appetizer (Spicy Tuna or Salmon w/ cucumber and lettuce over sushi rice) $11.50

Tataki (Seared Tuna or Salmon thin sliced with spicy ponzu sauce) $13.50

 Sushi Pizza (Cooked white fish with garlic mayo, cheese & eel sauce) $13.50

 Baked Seafood on the Shell (Baked conch, krab with garlic mayo and eel sauce) $9.50

 Narutomaki ( Salmon, crab, scallion in paper thin cucumber, tropical sauce) $12

Tartare (Chopped tuna or salmon, cucumber, avocado, mango, flake, fish egg w miami sauce) $13.50